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Software application "Coaching Toolkit for kayaking and canoeing"

We present a software application for the desktop platform of universal Windows 10 applications (UWP), as well as for Android and iOS mobile platforms, implementing simulation and control technology for training in rowing sports (canoeing and canoeing, rowing on Dragon boats) based on the physiological avatar technology.

The application implements a new integrated system simulation and management training in rowing sport, based on the technology of physiological avatar and build individual technology mathematical model of dynamics of rowing cycle, based on the video.

The application is designed for coaches and athletes in rowing, canoeing and kayaking, Dragon boats, wishing to use the latest achievements of Sport Science.

New features

  • Optimal construction of training process to achieve the highest growth of sports results on the basis of the calculation method of training.

    More about: Optimal planning of the training process .

  • The training impulse calculator, based on the technology of the physiological avatar, allows for the calculation of training impulses (TRIMPs) on Banister for an arbitrary cyclical sport. This calculator is a tool for calculating of TRIMP received by an athlete during the heart monitoring process. This tool is a tool for obtaining baseline data for optimum planning of a training process.

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  • Reverse calculator training impulse based on the technology of the physiological avatar for a given planned value of the training impulse (TRIMP) allows you to calculate the parameters of the training exercise (the duration of the exercise and the pulse) for an arbitrary cyclic sport. The reverse calculator of the training impulse is an additional tool in the implementation of training plans.

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  • Calculation of training impulse online in the process of training exercises with monitoring of heart rate (cardio training). Simultaneously with TRIMP, the level of lactate in the blood and the moments of reaching the anaerobic threshold are monitored.

    Calculates the training impulse (TRIMP), obtained by the athlete during training with heart rate monitoring (cardio training). The calculated training impulse is recorded in the diary (journal) of training results.

    The initial data for the calculation of TRIMP are the duration of the training exercises and the time profile of the heart rate.

    To determine the model individual lactate profile athlete in calculating the training impulse is used physiological avatar athlete. The individual lactate profile is used as the basic mathematical model for calculating TRIMP.

  • A formal approach to the description of "a sense of water" in athletes and its numerical indicators. Analysis of the rowing cycle on geometric and dynamic criteria.

    More about: Cyclic analysis of rowing style .

  • Formal energy approach to the assessment of the effectiveness of rowing technique. Getting numerical performance indicators and comparison of different techniques in terms of efficiency.

    Distant analysis of rowing technique on physiological criteria. Lactate and lactate threshold in relation to the passage of a particular race. Simulation of various techniques of rowing during the passage of a distance.

    More about: Distance analysis of rowing style .

  • Analysis of the change in time (trend) of those physiological parameters of the organism, which are characteristics of the athlete's functional state.

    Trends are formed for a given period of observation based on the collection of physiological avatars (PhA) of the athlete. The collection of PhAs must be created in advance by performing the identification procedure for the collection of observations of the athlete's physiological parameters.

Limits of use

The use of the capabilities of analyzing the effectiveness of rowing technology based on a mathematical model of the dynamics of the motor cycle in a kayak and canoe is currently limited to individual sports disciplines (C1, K1).

On the application of the application for training on boats Dragon.
The specificity of rowing techniques and the position of the rowers in the Dragon makes it relatively easy to resolve issues of team training using the Annex to specific responsible competitions. This takes into account the physiological features of individual rowers and the team as a whole by building the corresponding PhA. Working out the technique is carried out by the usual remarks of the trainer (either the helmsman or the drummer), and on the shore after each workout, as soon as possible, print out his skeletal cyclogram with a table of specific flaws (deviations from the “perfect” work of the corresponding rowing side).

The list of sports disciplines for which the model of the dynamics of the motion cycle is available expands as these models are developed.

What do you need?

  • A modern desktop device on Windows 10 or a mobile device on Android or iOS (tablet or smartphone).
  • Having a Microsoft Account for accessing the Windows Store app store or a Google account for accessing Google Play or an Apple ID for accessing the App Store.
  • Access to modern laboratory of Sports Medicine for the opportunity to make the necessary medical tests.
  • KPEdit is a simple skeletal animation editor for game developers and animators. Is a freely-distributed motion capture system. The application provides functionality that allows the user to create 2D skeletal animation based on video. Pre-recorded video can be used as a reference in order to build a Storyboard motor cycle.
  • Download the animation template files for KPEdit skeletal animation editor.

How does it get

Anyone wishing to use the Coaching Toolkit for Kayaks and Canoes application can install it on their device from the Windows Store, App Store, Google Play stores.

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