Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

To use the mobile application "Physiological Avatar" (hereinafter - the "Application"), the developer which the company "Samara-Dialog" (hereinafter - the "Developer"), you must accept the terms of this license agreement (hereinafter - the "Agreement").

In accordance with the Agreement, you are entitled to install and use applications on your mobile device in accordance with the purpose Applications submitted in its description. You have no right to reproduce and Distribute applications for commercial purposes, and to take any action aimed at deciphering, retrieve and modify application code. Owner of the exclusive right to Annex is the developer. The application also uses third-party software and other materials Copyrighted.

By accepting this Agreement, you agree to the processing of Company "Samara-Dialog" their personal data provided during registration in the Appendix and its use. Learn more about what the application uses some data and what to do You can read below in the section "Privacy Policy".
This refers to such data as:
- User's email address or login name specified by the user for authentication;
- Alias ​​(nickname) and image-avatar, the user specified in the settings;
- Anonymous information about the physiological parameters of the body of the User.

By the application developer provides you services based on information about the parameters of your body. To send information about the parameters of your body, or request other information provided technological opreratsii You need to connect to the mobile Internet, which is paid for separately, in accordance with the tariffs of your operator.

The terms of this Agreement shall apply to all manufactured developer updates.

The application is implemented on an "as is" without warranties of any kind. The developer does not guarantee uninterrupted or error free operation of the application corresponding to the application to your expectations, and fixes you identified shortcomings of Applications.

Privacy policy

Samara-Dialog Company understands that its users want to know what the application collects certain personal information and their uses. This section is used to convey this information. If you do not agree with our policy please do not use the mobile app Physiological Avatar.

Application Physiological Avatar is intended for personal use only and does not include public publication of any data to share. All stored, and transmitted data (medical measurements, photos, etc.) only available to users.

User Authentication:
The application uses an open protocol OAuth to authenticate users using the User Account Microsoft Account, Google authentication services and the most popular social networks. When registering you must provide your email address. E-mail address is used as the user ID, and for communication with the developer by the customer. Your email address will not be accessible to anyone other than the Developer. No data to a user's identity, Applications are not collected or stored.

Information about the location:
Application Physiological Avatar uses the location data of the User.

Final provisions

This Agreement shall enter into force for the user since the installation of applications on mobile devices or User registration and valid indefinitely.

This Agreement may be amended and / or supplemented by "Samara-Dialog" unilaterally. In this sequel use the application after making changes and / or additions to this Agreement constitutes acceptance Users of such changes and / or additions, in connection with which the User undertakes to regularly monitor changes in the relevant section in the Application.

You may refuse the enforcement of the Agreement at any time, remove Application from your device. Furthermore, you can disable individual services to determine the location of Application in the settings of your device.

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