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Coaching Toolkit for kayaking and canoeing free


The application implements a new integrated system for modeling and controlling training in rowing, based on the Physiological Avatar technology, and Training Impulse (TRIMP) technology and the technology of building an individual mathematical model of the dynamics of the rowing cycle based on video.

The application is designed for coaches and athletes in rowing on kayaks, canoes and Dragon boats who want to use the latest achievements of sports science in their work.


● Optimal construction of the training process to achieve the greatest increase in sports results based on the method of calculating training impulses.

● The training impulse calculator based on the physiological avatar technology allows you to calculate training impulses (TRIMP) for an arbitrary cyclical sport. The calculator is a tool for calculating the TRIMP, obtained by an athlete in the process of training with monitoring heart rate (cardio). This tool is a means of obtaining baseline data for optimal planning of the training process.

● The inverse training impulse calculator based on the physiological avatar technology for a given planned TRIMP allows you to calculate the parameters of the training exercise (exercise duration and pulse) for an arbitrary cyclical sport. The inverse training impulse calculator is an additional tool in the implementation of training plans.

● Calculation of a training impulse in the online mode during the training exercise with monitoring of heart rate (cardio-training). Simultaneously with TRIMP, blood lactate levels and the moments of reaching the anaerobic threshold are monitored.

● Formal approach to describing the "feeling of water" among athletes and obtaining its numerical indicators. Analysis of the rowing cycle on the geometric and dynamic criteria.

● Formal energy approach to evaluating rowing technology. Obtaining numerical efficiency indicators and comparing various techniques for energy efficiency indicators. Remote analysis of rowing technique according to physiological criteria. Lactate and lactate threshold in relation to the passage of a particular distance. Simulation of various rowing techniques during the course.

● Implemented a system for generating documents based on PDF files. The physiological passport of the body is a document that provides new unique ways to control the state of the athlete’s body.

Simple usage examples

Scenarios of practical use of the application suggest the presence of a pre-made physiological avatar — a virtual copy of the athlete's body, which makes the results as individual as possible for a specific athlete.
  • Rowing machine, chest strap heart rate sensor.
    On the screen of the mobile device, in real time are displayed the heart rate, blood lactate and their position relative to the points of the lactate threshold and VO2 max.
  • The distance, chest strap sensor, mobile device is fixed on the boat's cockpit (instead of sports watches).
    On the screen of the mobile device, in real time are displayed the heart rate, blood lactate and their position relative to the points of the lactate threshold and VO2 max.
  • Rowing machine or distance, sports watches, recording of HR training profile.
    After a workout, import into the application a recorded heart rate profile and obtain, on its basis, a training profile of blood lactate and moments of its exceeding the lactate threshold point. Calculation of the training impulse value for planning the training load.
  • Keeping a log of training load in the TRIMP, logging test sports results (estimates of athletic condition).
    Adaptive planning of training load for a specific athlete in order to achieve the peak of sports condition on the right day and month.
  • Application features in the fitness center.


    ● The head of the Federal Service Center buys several applications for his center (the number of applications depends on the scale of the center and conditions for free use, which provides a specific store. In addition, the application has team training mode, allowing you to do a minimal amount applications up to one).

    ● From each FC client to create his physiological avatar (PhA) a medical data package is required (for package types, see HERE )

    ● The client (or coach) is downloaded to the client’s mobile device. attachment. Several orders are ordered from this application (for the future). Licenses for making avatars (the number of licenses is noted, each the license is very cheap (a few rubles, which are used for pay for computing using the cloud). In a request for a current license (experience shows that the interval between such orders is about 2 months) the medical data package is filled (see above). After receiving the file of PhA You can start implementing all possible functions (services) of the application.

    ● Of particular interest for modern FCs is the use of simulators (for example, CONCEPT-2) in online competition mode (up to the world championships), which brings the traditional tasks of FC closer to high-profile sports, which in turn is a serious incentive especially for young people . It is our application that will provide optimal training (including teams) for such competitions to the desired date. Although, however, due to technical limitations in the present version of the application, parallel control in real time simultaneously of all team members from one device (trainer) is not yet provided. But this does not interfere with the planning and preparation of a team of athletes with workouts at different times or with the help of several devices.

    ● FC expenses are compensated for by the customers paying for these new services.


Find the application by its name in the application store of the software platform and install it on your device.

Сoaching Toolkit for Kayaking and Canoeing free


Сoaching Toolkit for Kayaking and Canoeing free


Coaching Toolkit KCD


More about the application

Read more about the application on the site of the Physiological Avatar project

Limits of use

The use of the capabilities of analyzing the effectiveness of rowing technology based on a mathematical model of the dynamics of the motor cycle in a kayak and canoe is currently limited to individual sports disciplines (C1, K1).

On the application of the application for training on boats Dragon.
The specificity of rowing techniques and the position of the rowers in the Dragon makes it relatively easy to resolve issues of team training using the Annex to specific responsible competitions. This takes into account the physiological features of individual rowers and the team as a whole by building the corresponding PhA. Working out the technique is carried out by the usual remarks of the trainer (either the helmsman or the drummer), and on the shore after each workout, as soon as possible, print out his skeletal cyclogram with a table of specific flaws (deviations from the “perfect” work of the corresponding rowing side).

The list of sports disciplines for which the model of the dynamics of the motion cycle is available expands as these models are developed.

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