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Dear colleagues, welcome to the promotional site technology and research program «Physiological Avatar»!

Physiological Avatar (PhA) - a virtual twin of your body. Create PhA based on measurements of physiological parameters of your body. Use the PhA to explore your body and behavior in a variety of situations and various professional fields.

PhA — multicomponent information technology, which incorporates the latest achievements of science and computer technology.

Technology components

Mathematical model

Mathematical model of the physiology of the human body and its computer implementation.

Factory of identification

A computer system that performs the customization parameters of the mathematical model (identification) and allows you to make your model individually.


A system logging observations of physiological parameters of your body. Packages of observations are input units for the factory of identification. Create a package of observations is the first step in creating PhA.


A computer system simulation. Simulator on an already created PhA will allow your body to simulate the behavior of real-time in a variety of input conditions.


A system for documenting the results of the training process or research work with the possibility of printing and sharing with colleagues has been implemented for users of applications of the Physiological Avatar technology.

Areas of applications of technology


In medical research, pharmacology and medical practice research programs PhA provides ...

In medical research and pharmacology PhA research programs provides a tool of computer simulation of classical statistical medical experiment. Implementation of the PhA research program in the field of practical medicine provides new means of indirect measurements, when the values are not available for direct measurement of the parameters are estimated by measuring some other parameters of the organism.

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Professional Sports

Implementation of the PhA research program for the cyclic sports provides ...

Implementation of the PhA research program for cyclic sports provides new features in the field of sports medicine and training process. These features are associated primarily with the practical application of the new method of determining the value of the individual anaerobic threshold and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) in athletes.

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Implementation of the PhA research program for fitness provides ...

Implementation of the PhA research program for fitness provides new features for monitoring the state of the body during physical activity in real time. Some features are unique, such as monitoring blood lactate concentration without blood sampling, and the use of special sensors.

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