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Overview of applications in sports

We offer an overview of some of the methodological and practical areas of application PhA technology in sports medicine, sports and breeding training. Practical applications of PhA in sports based on a comparison of the values of the identification of physiological parameters of the individual assessments for different moments of time, that is, a time trend analysis of these assessments. You can compare the values of the identification and assessment of a few individuals. One of the applications based on this comparison, a selection of sports.

Sport selection

PhA is a tool collection indicators selection of indicators and fitness for a particular sport performance by providing a large set of indicators. These figures are estimates of the parameters of physiology   (about fifty parameters) assessment identification anaerobic threshold (AT) and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max). PhA allows for an increase in the number of simultaneously measured physiological variables to get rid of grueling test for traditional methods of measuring individual AT and the VO2max. This allows the measurement of AT and the VO2max in the general population, ie effective pre-selected candidates for recruitment sports activities.

Control the training process

One of the main tasks of planning the training process in the sport is to assess the level of fitness and physical condition athlete. Practitioners authors are becoming aware the need for a precise mathematical methods for solving this task. Should the question that the traditional coaching concept "force", "endurance", "fitness of," "adaptive reserve" et al. Should be associated with individual biological parameters, objectively determined features of an athlete.

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Practical applications of PhA technology in the management of training process based on a comparison of the values of identification assessment of physiological parameters athlete at different times, that is, a time trend analysis of these variables. PhA makes easily accessible trending the most important physiological parameters such as the value of the individual anaerobic threshold and maximal oxygen consumption.

PhA technology provides new possibilities for advanced sports training. The ability to monitor the level of lactate in the blood, control zones aerobic and anaerobic loads not only heart rate but the real level of lactate, the possibility of the direct control of the training impulse (TRIMP).

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The most promising area of ​​applied research for the PhA program is to develop advanced features sports training and, in particular, methods and algorithms for optimal planning of the volume of training load based on the concept of training impulse (TRIMP).

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We offer an overview of applications of Physiological Avatar technology in the sports training process. Overview presented based on the report "Technology avatar physiological problems in sport" on the III-th interdisciplinary scientific and practical seminar "Mathematical Methods and Models in Sport", held on 12.16.2015 at the Center for Sports Technology at Moscomsport.

Offer abstracts on development of Toolbox software trainer for rowing and canoeing physiological-based avatar "which will take place at the scientific-practical Conference on sports sciences in youth sports and sports of the higher achievements, which will be held from November 30 to December 2, 2016 year in the Centre of sports technologies Sports at the address: Russia, Moscow, UL. The Soviet army, d. 6.

Sports Engineering

The purpose of sports engineering - implementation in practice of sports, physical education and recreation latest achievements of science and technology to improve the efficiency of training athletes, improvement of technological and functional quality sports equipment and equipment for sports, fitness and recreation.

PhA technology is the basis for the development of software and hardware research and Applied destination in the field of sports and fitness. Technology PhA, in particular its identification subsystem can be intellectual element for measurement, control devices, simulators.

Recommended references

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A formulation of the problem of parametric identification from measurements of periodic motion was considered using a mathematical model of the blood circulation system. A method for its numerical solution on the basis of the random global search algorithm was proposed. A software realization of the identification procedure as parallel computation processes in the symmetrical multiprocessor computer systems and the distributed computation environment was described. Practical applications were considered using the example of factor analysis of the origins of arterial hypertension and also medical and sport applications, including the noninvasive monitoring of the level of blood hemoglobin and some kinds of stimulants.

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