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Advanced features of sports training

PhA technology provides new possibilities for advanced sports training. The ability to monitor the level of lactate in the blood, control zones aerobic and anaerobic loads not only heart rate but the real level of lactate, the possibility of the direct control of the training impulse (TRIMP).

Control of the intensity of an exercise stress

The intensity of training is measured by physiological variables such as heart rate, oxygen consumption, blood lactate concentration.

PhA Technology provides new opportunities for the control an exercise stress during sports training. The ability to monitor the level of lactate in the blood, control zones aerobic and anaerobic loads not only heart rate but also the model level of lactate in the blood.

For monitoring during training value of lactate in the body, monitoring points in time and the level of the load in excess of the level of the individual anaerobic threshold does not require any special equipment, except for the heart rate sensor.

Control of the volume of training loading

The volume of of training loading - is the total amount of physical activity performed during the workout. The volume of of training loading is generally measured value of the training impulse (TRIMP). The method of training impulses developed sports physiologists led EW Banister. (Banister and Hamilton, 1985; Fitz-Clarke et al., 1991; Morton et al., 1990).

Originally developed EW Banister measurement approach of training loading, based on average data for the population Athletes, in particular according to a team of researchers used weighting coefficients reflecting the dependence of the concentration of lactate in of blood from the heart rate.

Applications of PhA Technology allows continuous monitoring during exercise heart rate values of the reserve, the individual lactate profile, maximum heart rate and other physiological variables model. This makes it possible to calculate the current model value of TRIMP at any time.

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Recommended references

A. P. Proshin and Yu. V. Solodyannikov. Mathematical modeling of lactate metabolism with applications to sports // Automation and Remote Control, Vol. 74, No. 6, 2013, pp. 1004-1019.

Based on a mathematical model of the blood circulatory system, we construct a mathematical model for lactate metabolism in a human body. We pose the identification problem for lactate metabolism parameters by measurements. We develop the method, algorithm, and software for solving this identification problem. We also consider practical applications in sports medicine and the training process, in particular in our studies of the anaerobic threshold phenomenon and propose new methods for estimating the individual anaerobic threshold and maximal oxygen consumption for athletes.

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