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WARNING: The contents of this page translated by machine translation from the original language (Russian).

Software application named Physiological Avatar 3.0

We present a new cross-platform software application that implements the basic technologies of mathematical modeling of physiological systems for widespread use in everyday activities.

Physiological Avatar (PhA) is a virtual double of the human body. Based on measurements of physiological parameters, create your own collection of PhA of the tested individual. Use PhA to study the body’s behavior during life.

Why 3.0?

The software application represents the implementation of the third generation of a mathematical model of physiological systems of the body. Now, this model includes a subsystem for regulating external respiration and a subsystem for regulating heart rate variability.

New features

  • Use PhA as one of the elements of the patient’s electronic medical record. Model the physiological functions of the patient’s body under external environmental factors, pathological conditions, physical activity, and the effects of drugs.
  • Perform the optimal construction of the process of increasing your functional readiness, psychological stability and other physiological and psychological conditions, increase in athletic performance based on the management of physical activity by the method of training impulses.
  • Use the PhA and the method of training impulses for individual planning of dosed physical activity in the process of rehabilitation after an illness.

What do you need?

  • A modern desktop device on Windows 10 or a mobile device on Android or iOS (tablet or smartphone).
  • Having a Microsoft Account for accessing the Windows Store app store or a Google account for accessing Google Play or an Apple ID for accessing the App Store.
  • It is recommended that you have access to a modern medical laboratory to ensure that you can do the necessary medical tests.

How does it get

Everyone who wants to use the Physiological Avatar 3.0 application in their practical activities can install it on their device from the software application store.

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