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Optimal planning of the training process

Optimal construction of the training process is aimed at achieving the highest growth of sports results by matching the distribution of training load. The purpose of planning is to achieve maximum sporting conditions during competitions.

Training load calculation method is determined on the basis of the training impulse (TRIMP). Training impulses expressed in numerical form, the combined effect of a training stimulus. Training impulse for calculates according to the heart rate during exercise and athletes lactate profile.
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Mathematical model of the training process and system parameter identification is based on the measuring current input (training impulses) and output (sports performance) data. Changing during the training process data about training loads, new sports performance are taken into account when adjusting the optimal training plan, i.e. planning is adaptive.

Technology of Physiological avatar in the process of planning the optimal training load applied to an accurate assessment of the magnitude of momentum training impulse athlete training and competitive races. This takes into account the individual characteristics of rowing style and individual physiological characteristics of an organism.
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  • Keeping history of training load volumes. Volume of the training load is measured daily training impulse.
  • Keeping the history of athletic performance. Athletic performance is measured during test races (get) or during the actual competition. Athletic performance is automatically recalculated from absolute units (s) in conventional units (points).
  • Calendaring predefined rest days. Predefined days are days on which the training cannot be conducted (scheduled weekend days, sick days etc.).
  • Task list target days maximum sports conditions. Target days is planned days of competitions, when sporting conditions should be maximized.
  • The ability to recalculate the optimal training plan for new data. New data about training loads, new sports results, data on days of rest are taken into account when adjusting the optimal training plan (Adaptive Planning).

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