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Overview of applications in fitness

We offer an overview of some of the methodological and practical areas of application technology PhA unprofessional sports and fitness. Practical applications of PhA in these activities are mainly associated with enhanced monitoring of physiological variables of the organism during physical exercise.

Sports Engineering

The purpose of sports engineering - implementation in practice of sports, physical education and recreation latest achievements of science and technology to improve the efficiency of training athletes, improvement of technological and functional quality sports equipment and equipment for sports, fitness and recreation.

PhA technology is the basis for the development of software and hardware research and Applied destination in the field of sports and fitness. Technology PhA, in particular its identification subsystem can be intellectual element for measurement, control devices, simulators.

Advanced features with cardio

PhA technology provides new possibilities for advanced cardio. The ability to monitor the level of lactate in the blood, control zones aerobic and anaerobic loads not only heart rate but also the actual level of lactate.

To monitor with cardio training value of lactate levels in the body, motitoringa points in time and the level of the load in excess of the level of the individual anaerobic threshold does not require any special equipment, except for the usual heart rate sensor.

Recommended references

A. P. Proshin and Yu. V. Solodyannikov. Identification of the parameters of blood circulation system // Automation and Remote Control, Vol. 71, No. 8, 2010, pp. 1629-1647.

A formulation of the problem of parametric identification from measurements of periodic motion was considered using a mathematical model of the blood circulation system. A method for its numerical solution on the basis of the random global search algorithm was proposed. A software realization of the identification procedure as parallel computation processes in the symmetrical multiprocessor computer systems and the distributed computation environment was described. Practical applications were considered using the example of factor analysis of the origins of arterial hypertension and also medical and sport applications, including the noninvasive monitoring of the level of blood hemoglobin and some kinds of stimulants.

A. P. Proshin and Yu. V. Solodyannikov. Mathematical modeling of lactate metabolism with applications to sports // Automation and Remote Control, Vol. 74, No. 6, 2013, pp. 1004-1019.

Based on a mathematical model of the blood circulatory system, we construct a mathematical model for lactate metabolism in a human body. We pose the identification problem for lactate metabolism parameters by measurements. We develop the method, algorithm, and software for solving this identification problem. We also consider practical applications in sports medicine and the training process, in particular in our studies of the anaerobic threshold phenomenon and propose new methods for estimating the individual anaerobic threshold and maximal oxygen consumption for athletes.

Project News

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For client applications, the platform-independent documentation system based on PDF files is implemented.

The software application Coaching Toolkit for Kayaks and Canoes is implemented for the iOS platform and is available in the Apple App Store under the name Coaching Toolkit KCD.

The software application Coaching Toolkit for Cyclical Sports is implemented for the iOS platform and is available in the Apple App Store under the name Coaching Toolkit CS.

The Coaching Toolkit for kayaks and canoes software application is now available for the Android platform and is available on Google Play.

The ability to load the heart rate track from the Garmin Training Center XML (TCX) workout file in the training pulse calculator block (TRIMP) has been implemented.

In software applications support for Bluetooth heart rate sensors (Polar H6, H7, H10, etc.) is implemented. The next generation of Bluetooth standards provides low power consumption, reliable and reliable operation and fully open device compatibility.

The "Coaching Toolkit for Cyclical Sports" software application is now available for the Android platform and is available on Google Play.

A licensed shop for the right to manufacture a physiological avatar has been opened by observations. Access to the identification factory is transferred to a paid basis.

The application of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows 10 Coaching Toolkit for cyclical sports is presented in the Windows Store