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PhA simulator is a digital implementation of mathematical models of physiological systems of the body. PhA, a factory-based identification package of measurements of physiological variables in your body is used to simulate the behavior of your body in a variety of input conditions.

PhA simulator used in client applications in order to study the behavior of your body in a variety of situations, including the most extreme conditions. Control system input parameters allows you to create a variety of conditions simulation.

Recommended references

A. P. Proshin and Yu. V. Solodyannikov. Mathematical Modeling of Blood Circulation System and Its Practical Applications // Automation and Remote Control, Vol. 67, No. 2, 2006, pp. 329-341.

The human blood circulation system is represented by a nonlinear oscillation system for computer-aided digital modeling in real time scale. A parametric identification problem is formulated and its numerical solution algorithm is designed. A computer-aided blood circulation modeling and identification system is designed. The new approaches to construct real control systems for artificial and auxiliary blood circulation elements are based on neurocomputer technologies.

A. P. Proshin and Yu. V. Solodyannikov. Mathematical modeling of lactate metabolism with applications to sports // Automation and Remote Control, Vol. 74, No. 6, 2013, pp. 1004-1019.

Based on a mathematical model of the blood circulatory system, we construct a mathematical model for lactate metabolism in a human body. We pose the identification problem for lactate metabolism parameters by measurements. We develop the method, algorithm, and software for solving this identification problem. We also consider practical applications in sports medicine and the training process, in particular in our studies of the anaerobic threshold phenomenon and propose new methods for estimating the individual anaerobic threshold and maximal oxygen consumption for athletes.

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